Land Use, Zoning and Annexation

Land Use
The City of Union’s Comprehensive Plan balances economic development with Union’s peaceful, small-town quality of life.

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The City of Union’s zoning ordinances enforce the guidelines set by the Comprehensive Plan.

Download the City of Union’s Zoning Map:   See below. 


Annexation is the process whereby an unincorporated portion of an adjacent property within a township is “annexed” or incorporated, in this case, into the City limits of Union. Annexations are generally initiated by the property owner who is seeking services from the City of Union, such as potable water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer services.

There are several different types of annexations that are permitted in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). Each type of annexation has its own requirements, timelines and processes that must be followed. Legislative action will be required from the City of Union and the Montgomery County Commissioners and possibly the Township Trustees. Generally, the City uses the “Type-1 Expedited” annexation petition process. The Type-1 process may take from 4-6 months and is a cooperative process with the Township Trustees.

How Do I Get Started?
For more information about annexation, please contact City Manager John Applegate at 937-836-8624 for information.

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