Welcome to the Government section of the City of Union's website. In 1981, Union’s City Charter was adopted, enacting a Mayor/Council/City Manager form of government. The Mayor and Council appoint the City Manager whose duties are to carry out the policies of Council and be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City. To view the complete City Charter and Codified Ordinances, click the link in the box at right. Below, you'll find more information. If your questions aren't answered here, give us a call at 937-836-8624. We can help!

To contact City Staff, please call us at 937-836-8624 or visit our Contact page on this website for information.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
John P. Applegate City Manager
Denise A. Winemiller Assistant City Manager, Finance Director and City Clerk
Mike Blackwell Director of Public Safety
Joseph P. Moore Law Director
Andy Switzer Building / Zoning Inspector

City Council

Council MembersTitleTermPhoneAddress
Michael O'Callaghan


1/20 - 12/23

(937) 836-0177

106 Tall Timbers

David Blackwell


1/18 - 12/21

(937) 470-6695

228 West Martindale Road

John Bruns


1/20 - 12/23

(937) 832-0912

631 Morning Glory

Jean Kyle


1/20 - 12/23

(937) 832-2811

624 West Martindale Road

Helen Oberer


1/18 - 12/21

(937) 832-3269

214 Sheets Street


1/18 - 12/21

(937) 832-3902

505 Sheets Street

Lynne Thomas-Roth


1/20 - 12/23


200 East Martindale